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Κ. Διαθηκη
«Αλήθεια, αλήθεια σου λέω, αν κάποιος δε γεννηθεί από νερό και Πνεύμα, δε δύναται να εισέλθει στη βασιλεία του Θεού.» Κατα Ιωάννη John 3:5 ΄

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Καινη Διαθήκη

Protestant Bible Expert Converts to Orthodox
“I’ve been impacted by the whole idea of knowing Jesus Christ, experiencing Jesus Christ, and partaking of the graces of Jesus Christ through the Eucharist or the Lord’s table,” he said.

“Nothing has changed in my faith.”


Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man) has converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. Wow. (A definite improvement.) #TruthIsStrangerThanFiction

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Replying to @BrianZahnd

Love it when people in established ministries are humble enough to change.

i believe the orthodox church really is the one, true church of christ.

There’s a lot that could be said here, but the reason why I believe this is that I examined both the Scriptures and the early history of Christianity, and I became convinced that the only church that matches them both is Orthodoxy. Particularly formative for me were the writings of St. Ignatius of Antioch, a disciple of the Apostle John. The church life he described was definitely not what I saw in Evangelicalism. Since he was someone who learned how to be a Christian from the Apostles themselves, I wanted to be in his church.

Orthodoxy takes history seriously and doesn’t gloss over the hard stuff. It also doesn’t pick and choose from early Christian witness to develop a streamlined “system” of theology that is easy to swallow. Rather, because Orthodoxy is truly the community descended from the Apostles, within its theological memory are centuries of dogma, doctrine and theological reflection. Not all of it is totally consistent or easy to sort out, but it is nevertheless one great river of truth with an overall unified direction. One doesn’t see that in the same way in Roman Catholicism (there are several major turns in history), and it is impossible to find that in Protestantism. Most Protestants aren’t even concerned with it.

None of that means I regard non-Orthodox Christians as damned, nor do I even regard all Orthodox Christians as definitely destined for eternal bliss. And Orthodoxy’s truth is no testament to me. Orthodoxy is true, but not because of me.
Many American Christians are unfamiliar with Eastern Orthodoxy, but it’s the second largest Christian church in the world and arguably the oldest, depending on how you tally the thing. It’s technically a collection of 13 separate churches marked by the country they’re based out of (i.e. the Russian Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, etc.), with a leadership structure broadly similar to the Roman Catholic papacy.

Each of the 13 Orthodox churches has a head, with the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Constantinople acting as universal patriarch. The Eastern Orthodox Church shares core doctrines with Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches, such as affirming the Trinity, venerating the Bible and confessing Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

The Eastern Orthodox Church emphasizes salvation as an ongoing process called “Deification” in which believers become more and more like Jesus, ultimately leading to “theosis” — the closest of all possible unions with God.
The Eastern Orthodox Church gives much more authority to Church tradition, known as “Holy Tradition,” than the Protestant Church does. The Virgin Mary is venerated (but she is not worshiped, as critics have sometimes accused the Eastern Orthodox Church of doing.)

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