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Κ. Διαθηκη
«Αλήθεια, αλήθεια σου λέω, αν κάποιος δε γεννηθεί από νερό και Πνεύμα, δε δύναται να εισέλθει στη βασιλεία του Θεού.» Κατα Ιωάννη John 3:5 ΄

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Καινη Διαθήκη

Truth about Renowned Protestant Becoming Orthodox
'Bible Answer Man' Hank Hanegraaff converts to Orthodoxy, with a number of evangelicals questioning the truthfulness of traditional expressions of faith. But what if such concerns actually expose a critical weakness in evangelicalism?
Hanegraaff, 67, and his wife Kathy became members of St. Niktarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, N.C., on Sunday, April 9, where they had attended services more than two years.
The following day, he confirmed online reports about his conversion to Orthodoxy during his radio broadcast, while also claiming that his teachings remain unchanged and faithful to Scripture.
"I am as deeply committed to championing 'mere Christianity' and the essentials of the historic Christian faith as I have ever been," Hanegraaff said during his April 10 broadcast.
"People are posting this notion that somehow or other I've walked away from the faith and am no longer a Christian," he added during his April 11 broadcast. "Look, my views have been codified in 20 books, and my views have not changed."

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